How to be a key team player who others warm to

Most of us spend more time at work than at home, so the workplace becomes a second home and the people we work with become an extended family.

We can either go two ways, look at it as a chore that you have to endure from Monday to Friday or seize the opportunity to grow, develop personalities and respond well to the conditions we find ourselves for the majority of our time.

Contributing by being part of something and building work relationships, becomes part of a positive attitude through interaction.

Here are the Get Out The Office six ways where we say ‘lets embrace the extended family’ and how to become a team member that others warm to:

 1.    Listen to your work colleagues

It’s always the small things in life that are appreciated from knowing when a birthday is to any special occasion that is on the horizon that has relevance to an individual.

 2.    Be yourself

There is nothing worse than being ‘someone else’ by putting on an act in front of others. If you appeal to the rest of the workplace as down to earth and approachable then you become a trusted part of an organization.

 3.    Don’t let your opinions get the better of you

Sometimes it could be easy to vent your frustrations on Twitter or Facebook, but is it really worth it with the unease that it creates, once posted? Being calm and collected is a huge asset to controlling situations.

 4.    Don’t go into a shell

The more you shun an invitation, the further the distance between yourself and your colleagues. Putting in an effort and at least being approachable, when invited by colleagues shows that you are willing and part of a wider team.

5.    Don’t Become The Flirty Worker

Inside the workplace from Monday to Friday, the focus is the task in hand, as opposed to the opposite sex. Being overtly flirty, can not only come back to haunt you, but create a sense of unease and tension.

6.    Be approachable

Having an attitude that is upbeat and friendly, helps set your personality in the eyes of others as an individual to respect and warm to. Nothing worse than being recognised as cold and withdrawn.

The workplace has its challenges but if you have an attitude that is more switched on, than withdrawn, it creates a whole new dynamic where you become a key member of the company.

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Largest inflatable team building dome in the country!

Get Out the Office are proud to announce that we are the gleeful owners of the largest inflatable team building dome in the country!

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6 reasons why choose an outdoor team building event

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We are now in full flow of the outdoor team building activities season. Many of our clients want to escape the confines of a stuffy office or have break from the workshop and experience a great corporate away day in … Continue reading

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“A little less conversation, a little more action please”

Team Building is all about getting involved, so less thinking about it and more doing it. Often we find that guests who begin reserved by the end of the activities are the most enthralled by the day’s events.  A key … Continue reading

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5 Reasons why Team Building events are effective

A team without effective teambuilding skills will have a greater detrimental impact on a business than a team that is able to successfully meet their goals.

Team Building if often a highly underrated activity within businesses. But why when there are so many cost effective benefits to supporting your team working as one.

First ask yourself – Are your team achieving extraordinary results? Other barriers may include your team struggling to keep motivated, unable to troubleshoot, cannot resolve conflict well, poor communication, feeling overwhelmed or undervalued.

As experts in Team Building our goal is to give your staff the skills to be able to break down these barriers and put them into practice in a fun and effective way.

Long gone are the days of death by power point or flips chart paper blue tacked to conference walls, now your teams are looking to expand their experiences and interaction with each other in a more ‘social’ environment, where activities that suit all abilities encourage participation and often a big scoopful of hilarity.

The objective for all our team building events are:

  1. Keep your team motivated and engaged
  2. Improve communication skills – verbally, audibly and sensory
  3. Develop problem solving skills and initiative
  4. Collaboration and working as one
  5. Encourage trust within your team

For more information about our Team Building events please visit our website or call one of experts on 0800 180 4115

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The benefits of having an Apprentice

Apprenticeships are the way forward for the majority of young people leaving school and looking for work.  To gain a qualification up to a degree level whilst working has many advantages one of which is being able to earn money while training for a respected qualification and gaining invaluable experience. The majority of employers value experience equally as much as education.

Rachel Shaw is one of our success stories and says “I have an NVQ level 2 and 3 in Business Administration and hope to use the UCAS points gained from these qualifications to study for a degree in Event Management. Working in the events industry is something I enjoy very much, and hope to continue in this line of work for many years to come.  No two days are the same and I get to meet a lot of new people.  Long journeys and working hours are all part of the fun of it!  Working in corporate events is very rewarding, there is no better feeling than at the end of the day when the clients go away happy, realising that we have pulled together as a team to complete sometimes near impossible goals and created an event that always exceeds expectations”

For more information about Get Out the Office, please visit or call 0800 180 4115

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The race is on…

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Who’s played Nintendo Mario Kart and loved picking your favourite character or watched the Wacky Races and hoped Dick Dastardly and Muttley in the Mean Machine won the race? No matter which character is your favourite, you will be an ideal candidate … Continue reading

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